The Army School of Ceremonial (ASC)

The Army School of Ceremonial (ASC) includes the Drumming Wing and the All Arms Drill Wing. The Drumming Wing teaches musical skills from scratch.
The All Arms Drill Wing runs courses covering drill for Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and senior NCOs. Over a typical year, 400 students attend courses at the ASC.

The Drumming Wing
Is one of only two schools within the British Army to teach musical skills from scratch.

Unlike the Corps of Army Music at Kneller Hall, the Drumming Wing takes students who have never had any musical grounding and provides them with the basic skills they need to play percussion, fife or bugle.

The Class 2 and 3 Drummer’s course lasts 18 weeks and runs twice a year. The course has maintained a thin thread of military training which covers basic Military Annual Training Tests culminating in a section competition. For more info visit